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captioned by media access group at wgbh suze. >> tonight at 9. quick moving storm. piles of snow on the bay area highest hilltop. will there be moreover night. >> spencer leif doppler 7 hd. rain snow moving our way. freezing cold moving in. i'll have the forecast. >> i'm dan. in washington top president obama is putting pressure on congressional republican to come up with a
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budget deal before automatic spending cuts kick in. >> i'm in sacramento. driving while under the influence of drugs becoming as much of a problem as drunk driving in california. new effort to [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nate. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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you. >> unusual day here in the bay area. snowplow put to work along sky line boulevard in the santa cruz mountains. lots of rain around the bay today contributed to car accidents like this one. pickup truck overturned in santa rosa. one woman suffered minor injuries. hail fell along grizzly peak boulevard in the berkeley hill
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hills. 11-year-old boy sent thus picture. late day the sun broke through turning the skies in a brill ypt scene. here's the live look now from the camera on our roof top here at the abc 7 studio along the embarcadero in san francisco. good evening everyone. dan is in washington, d.c. on assignment more on that in a moment. but first are we done with the round of wenter weather. spencer is tracking it for us on live doppler 7hd. >> we may done with precipitation but not the wirpt look cold. here's live doppler 7hd and you can see very also precip taetion showing up right now. much of what is falling is at monterey bay and hitting monterey itself. still few spots of shower activity in the san cruz mountains but for the most part precipitation here has ended. however we have some unusual weather to the our north and east today from sacramento northward. storm reports. frontal cloud sighting and 2 tornado this afternoon. both here and
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touched down at 1:30 this afternoon. no reports or damage. sec one touched down to the south. still here about an hour later at 2:30 this afternoon. no damage or injuries reported. so very unusual day of weather in and around the bay area. right now the showers wipeding down. back later to tell you how cold it will be overnight. >> all right spencer see you shortly. >> it's not clear if the weather or car accident or perhaps something else caused tonight power outage in san rafael. right now as many as 11,000 customers still in the dark. down from 20,000 earlier tonight. driver says he saw a huge flash followed by spark come from downed power role he says was struck by a car. no time yet on when the power will be fully restored. cadaver dog looking for bodies in a massive fire in kansas city, missouri tonight. the gas explosion injured at least 14 people. 2 of them critically we know of.
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fire is now out but the exact cause is not known. one official says utility contractor may have sparked this inferno. there was a gas leak before the blast. blue out parts of the city block in up scale shopping entertainment district. >> apple has been targeted by hackers. apple says employee visited developer web site that installed malwhich are at work. exploits jv a software than the system. apple says no evidence though that any data taken. facebook had a similar security breach last friday. of course cyberattack are a growing problem. new report out today says it amounts toen visible war. china leading the way targeting american power grid planes and iconic american coast. more tonight from chief investigative correspondent bryan ross. >> chinese people liberation army more than two million personnel. but it is the within,000 or so in this non-descript building in shanghai that may pose the biggest threat to the u.s.
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headquarters of the army secretive unit no. 6 1 3 9 8 where incorporating to the new report today by the sec englishr experts spend their day stealing secret from u.s. companies and hacking into government sites. >> thinks run by the chinese liberation army target ago broad group of western organization. >> among the most trouble target american infrastructure site including water treatment plant. transportation cell centers. pipeline. and power grid. >> the only reason would you want to get in the control system for the power grid is to cause damage destruction and disruption. >>reporter: among the many corporate targets of the chinese hacker according to u.s. officials lockheed marti martin. country largely east defense contractor and the maker of the f 35 jet fighter. u.s. officials say not surprisingly the chinese version of the plane has some distinct similarity. >> costing according to u.s. intelligence hundreds office
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billions of dollars and thousands of u.s. jobs he have year. >> what it house today confirmed the severity although not the details of the chinese seener spying. >> we have repeatedly raised our concerns at the highest level about cybertheft with senior chinese officials. >>reporter: but china remains in denial. according to abc gloria in beijing. >> today in china defense men industry depended any wrongdoing saying the military has never supported any form of hacking activity. but when a bbc news team tried to film the building outside shanghai military personnel confiscated the footage. >>reporter: of course the u.s. believed to be doing its own cyberattack on eye run and nuclear program. u.s. officials say it's different than the economic spying being carried out by china. now president obama has ordered u.s. intelligence agencys to help american company spot and detect the hacking coming from that building in shanghai. abc
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news new york. >> 7 news anchor dan ashley in washington, d.c. right now on special assignment. he's the only bay area reporter who will interview president obama tomorrow. dan was at the white house early tonight and has this look at what the president was dealing with today. >> carolyn here in washington another major deadline is loo looming. 85 billion dollars in spending cuts will automatically kick in in 10 daytime unless congress can come up with a deal. today president obama put the pressure on congressional republicans to stop from it happening. and he issued a dire warning. >> people will last their jobs. unemployment rate might pick up again. >>reporter: president was joined by state local emergency workers whom he says would be hit hard by the harsh cut in federal spending. >> their ability to help community respond to and recover from disasters will be degraded. >>reporter: congress wasn't here in washington to get that message. lawmakers on recess this we can which means no
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negotiations under way. over the weekend republicans said the cuts are going to happen. congressman paul ryan said the blame lies squarely at the white house. >> we are here because the president back in the last session of congress refused to cut spending in any place and there have we have wound up with this sequester. >>reporter: last we can senate democrat contract proposed a plan to avoid the spending cut with new tax revenue by closing existing loop hole. but republicans declared it dead in the water. >> republican party is not in any way going to trade spending cuts for tax increase. president got tax increase last year he got the higher revenue. >> president insist this if those automatic spending cuts take affect it would be because congressional republicans would not work with democrat contract to keep from it happening. he says it would have catastrophic effects on the economy. in washington, dan ashley abc 7 news. >> dan will interview president obama at the white house tomorrow. his reports from there will 10 tonight and
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tomorrow writ here on 7 news. you can also follow him on twitter at dan ashley abc 7. >> everyone knows drinking and driving not just dangerous. also illegal. but what about driving after taking over the counter cost medication or prescription drug. that can be a bit of a gray area in california. 7 news capitol correspondent annette reports on effort to change that. >> perhaps alcohol law are effective but actually not the drunk driving laws. >> still hard for former chp lieutenant bob to talk about the death of his son justin. who was always highway patrol man. 28-year-old killed in 2010 when rafael garcia swerved into him during a traffic stop. he says garcia had marijuana in the system but the case ended in a hung jury. >> jury was unable to come to conclusion whether he was unthe influence even after having overwhelming amount of evidence. >> the tragedy highlights how difficult it is to pros caught
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cases in california involving drivers under the influence of drugs. unlike so bright test where point 08 alcohol level is considered legally impaired there's no definitive threshold for drugged driving. state senator than introduced a bill that makes it illegal behind the whether he will with any detectable amount of schedule 1 through 4 drug unless you have a pre-description. incorporating to the u.s. department of justice that includes tylenol with codeine. zanex and valium. >> any level of being drugged is dangerous when driving. so that the level should be sear o. zero tolerance. >>reporter: prescription though doesn't give drivers a pass. an officer can still pull over anyone who is driving appears impaired. >> not even agrees with the proposal. opponent say the measure is too tough on those would use medical marijuana legally and those who buy over the counter cold medicine. they claim ingredient in claritin and day quill could cause someone to test positive for drug and pot may lippinger
9:12 pm
in the body for week. rather see impairment test. >> problem is they can be driving but cannabis stay in the system for 30 day so may not be impaired. may no problem. >>reporter: 2012 office of traffic safety study found drug driving is more prevalent in california than drunk driving. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> san francisco giants get an afternoon or. we are in the talking about because perfect. the team big development deal. the storm brings something rare to the northern california skies and something require to the ground in the santa cruz mountains as well. >> also 8 robbers rush plane and make off with 50 million dollars in diamond just a matter of minutes. international man
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>> huge new development in san francisco step closer to reality. giants snagged a major tenant rate next to the ballpark. carolyn has the story from pier 48. >>reporter: beer and baseball perfect match and the giants say so is the new partnership with anchor brewing. beer company will become the giants first tenant for the 1.6 billion dollar mission rock development project. next to the ballpark.
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>> pier 48 was able to quadruple our capacity and sure anchor future on the global beer stage. >> anchor plans production and distribution facilities a restaurant and museum on the 212,000 square foot space whale keeping the existing plant on portrero hill. first tenant for a development that includes the giants parking lot and is expected to create a new neighborhood with hundreds of homes offices and green space. >> serve in many way as the front door to the mission rock project. people will see it come to games. come to the neighborhood. >>reporter: whale excitement about the anchor steam project expected to bring 200 new jobs there is a labor dispute brewing among current concession workers at at&t par park. the union distributed this flier during fan fest earlier this month. it says while the giants have won 2 world series and team earnings are up as well as attendance
9:17 pm
ticket prices and amenity, the workers haven't had a raise in 4 years. the negotiations are being handled by an out of state company. but mayor ed lee is confident there will be a rest logs. >> anything to say to the workers? >> with el go giants fears. be successful. keep on working and have the faith in the city that we always do right by our labor. >>reporter: we were sent a statement saying they are eager to again contract talk and will work in good faith to resolve any outstanding issues. in san francisco at peer 48 carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> golden gate bridge officials are concerned many drivers are avoiding the inevitable switch to all electronic toll system. 30 percent of drivers are still paying with cash. that's more than they would like to see at this point. earlier this month the bridge began test its all electronic toll system which will replace toll tears in just a matter of weeks. e toll
9:18 pm
system will accept fast track or drivers pre-pay the toll f.all goes according to plan the new system will be fully operational come march. >> people north of chico saw something very unusual this afternoon. tornado blew through the area around 1:30. meteorologist say it was relatively light with winds about 70 miles an hour. there were few reports of damage and no injuries. more unusual weather in the santa cruz mountains. snow at the 2000 foot level. we expected a late dusting but 7 news reporter david lou has more on whether actually hit the ground. >> 11:00 o'clock snow came down so heavy that it blanketed everything. cal-trans has snowplow out in force. whether started out a slush became a slippery coating of ice crystal at the temperature drop. fortunately no spin out and no accidents. snow can be a visual treat. driving it can be dangerous. and it creates work for others. and for still others it is an seduce take time off from work and may be
9:19 pm
even gather the kid to take in a rare phenomenon in the bay area. >> really nice we need the water. really beautiful up here. >> take the rest of the day off and enjoy the snow. >> i am i am. i'm actually going to probably go pick up my kids and come up here. >> that will be fun for them. >> it will be a blast. >>reporter: we still are getting an occasional snow make here at the 2000 foot level but nothing like early today. so is the snow over. we have to ask our own spencer to find out what is in store. in the santa cruz mountains david lou abc 7 news. >> the spencer is rate here we were talking about how unusual to see the big flake right by the sign for saratoga 8. milder spots in the bay area but we have had a very fushl day of weather with the snow and heavy downpour of rain in some spots in the tornadoes out there in the sacramento valley. it's very strange. right now it's just cold. live view from the mount tam camera under
9:20 pm
clear skies looking on to the bay and portions of san francisco and span of the bay bridge. sky are mainly clear to partly cloudy for most of the bay area but still some spots of plea precipitation to be picked up on live doppler 7 hd so lets go right there. see most of the bay area is dry at the moment. but down near monterey bay we still have some active weather. so let's get close and look weighs going on there near the town of monterey itself as a matter of fact and then out over the bay. we see some showers and some downpour. but painly we are clear and dray right now. here's a lack at current temperature readings live view of the bay bridge from high definition south beach camera downtown san francisco. chilly 39 degrees in santa cruz right now. 40 livermore 43 san francisco. now another view from our high definition roof top camera at bay bridge from the north side of the span. down to 37 degrees right now at santa ros rosa. fairfield 38 in gilroy. it's really getting cold out there. even colder overnight. speaking of cold. how about this picture. i'll step back and give you a good view of the
9:21 pm
snow atop mount diablo today. sent to us by robert d looks like something from colorado doesn't it. well, no more of that will be falling for awhile. here's a look at the forecast feature showers are ending tonight. we still might see some light snow above 2000 feet. if enough moisture in the air mostly it's cold overnight app mostly sunny tomorrow. here's our satellite radar app mission showing movement of the cold front that brought us all the wild whacky weather today. moving through san diego county right now. south of los angeles even but still trailing moisture behind the front and lots of cold air wrapping around the upper level low pulling air down from the yukon. quite a chill in the bay area. animation 11:00 o'clock tonight and see clouds around but probably not much in the way of precipitation. certainly we get natural morning hours tomorrow precipitation will disappears as will the klouchltd we have mainly clear skies but low pressure tonight are going to plummet. down to about 30
9:22 pm
degrees at santa rosa and fairfield 31 at nap a.32 at concord and livermore. sought interior valley of the north bay and the east bay will be very, very cold and it will be chilly around the bayshore line as well with low in the upper 30's. high tomorrow south bay mainly upper 50's to 60 at san jose. upper 50's in the peninsula. 59 redd with city. downtown san francisco hay high of 58 mild up to 61 santa rosa and napa. nearest bay upper 50's. 58 in oak land. inland east bay will see upper 50's to about 60 at concord and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. mainly sunny skies tomorrow and thursday. partly cloudy frida friday. getting a little bit milder. slate chance of showers on saturday but this will not be a mainly rain event sunny mild on sunday. and sunny mild weather will continue that early next week. so eights goodbye snow flake and hello pre-spring. >> here comes the sun again. >> exactly right. >> thanks expense near 7 news at 9:00 rodent overrun one big
9:23 pm
city. officials there are calling out snipers to deal with them. >> also. how do you get rid of 50 million dollars in diamond sns we have the story of the sn[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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>> this is abc 7 news. >> police in bell gum sustained that 8 professional robbers could swoop none plane on tarmac and make off with 50 million dollars worth of diamond ins minutes. so how did they do it and who are they? here's dan harris. >> the diamond heist is being called spectacular. daring. clinical. something straight
9:27 pm
out of ocean 13. 7:47 p.m. at the airport in brussels. passengers boarded this swift jet. precious cargo being loaded down below. what they couldn't see 2 black advance had broken through a security fence. they raced across the tarmac flashing blue lights like cop. 8 robbers wearing camouflage mask dark police clothing and even reportedly the arm band used by airport security whipped out machine guns. in just 3 minutes they grabbed the diamonds from the cargo hold. it took them only 2 more minutes to speed off through the exact same hole in the fence. all over in barely 5 minutes. >> so this was very quick hit and run. very well organized. there has been no shooting. there were no injuries. >>reporter: police later found a burned out vehicle they believe was used in the heist. >> suspicion medley fall on international ring to carried out brazen broad daylight smash and grab job and raided the mall on motorcycle.
9:28 pm
>> from an investigators perspective what is your view of the crime. >> estimates the hound dog has to compliment the fox. sometime the detective has to tip his hat to the thief. >>reporter: former nypd investigators says the thieves may have had military training and almost certainly had inside help. today we wept to new york diamond district with if a dealer. is it possible to unload 50 million dollars worth of diamonds? can you find buyers for that. probably without raising suspicion would i say be kind of hard. >>reporter: there are other big challenges for the criminals right now. splitting up the money and maintaining secrecy with investigators all over the globe on their trail. >> i think in the evenly the good guys win on this one. >>reporter: abc news new york. >> iran authorities use new weapon to fight a massive rat infestation turning to sniper rifles for help. incorporating to the london times drug resistant rat have overrun the entire capitol city of tehran.
9:29 pm
environment itist say radiation an poison make the rat giganti gigantic. some weighing 10 pounds. now teams of snipers hunt the room at night. during the day the plan is to continue to use poison. stay with us. we'll be right back in just
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>> city of hayward is moving to shut down internet cafe that let users win cash prizes. authorities say this is nothing more than thinly disguised gambling houses. more now from nick smith. >> this is legitimate business. legitimate fashion and legitimate software not breaking any law and keep messing with us. >>reporter: ron doyle is
9:33 pm
fighting a war on 2 fronts. he owns operates net connection in hayward and both stories ordered to be shut down byal mead county hayward officials. they accuse the cafe of selling i hope net access to games offering cash prizes which they call gambling. but doyle says nothing more than simple family entertainment. >> this is not what these are. these are internet game bling sites. >>reporter: supervisor says the sweepstake internet cafe provide skirt game bling law and are illegal end of story. >> we have an advisory from the state gambling control that says that the facilities are illegal internet game bling and if you look in there everyone is doing on line gambling. very clear that these are gambling sites. >>reporter: there were 3 sweep stake cafe in hayward but only 2 remain. world net business center on vermont street has shut down. i business an net connection are the soul surverifies. hayward city
9:34 pm
council is considering an emergency moratorium to prohibit the kind of cafe to remain open until the matter is settled but ron says he's not going down without a fight. >> they are acting like bill bully. i don't respond well to big bully. >>reporter: city council will not decide on the issue tonight but several people are expected to speak out. including doyle and his attorney. in hayward, abc 7 news. head of bank of america received a 73 percent pay increase last year. brian moynahan pocketed 12 million dollars. that pay hick is largely due to stock options and award totalling close to 1 million shares. >> marine general john allen calling an end to the contrary. he was nominated last fall to lead u.s. nato forces in europe but the process stopped after he was implicated in the david petraeus48v(pgdal. al help was cleared of all wrongdoing. he is retiring to take care of his wife who is ill. president obama says allen is one of the nation fin
9:35 pm
finest military leaders. >> al jazz has decided to maintain its presence in the bay area. they are planning to open a news bureau here. plan is to hire 100 new reporters around the country. based in washington dc. >> authorities have stepped in at the last minute to stop an execution in georgia. hill was scheduled to die by leftal injection tonight. he was convicted of murdering both former girlfriend and another inmate last thursday 3 mental health experts reverse earlier testimony against hill saying they believe he is meantally challenged. hill low iq makes it up constitutional to execute him. >> lawyers plan to seek new trial for the man convicted of killing dc intern levi more than a decade ago. murder case the man was predicated on a lie hinge on jail house inform apartment who said he confessed to killing 11 i but documents
9:36 pm
today show prosecutors learned a year ago about a problem with the witness although still not clear who that witness is. the mother tonight says she is only 85 percent certain the right man was convicted of killing her daughter. >> hopefully they got the right person. my husband feels they did. i want to make sure they have the right person. all i want is the truth. >>reporter: levi was in tern for the u.s. brewer of prisons when murdered in washington 2001. just ahead tonight on 7 news at 9. outlook on microsoft new free e-mail service. all out assault on google. >> and do you remember this commercial? new twist to the old ad. >> also tiger woods teammate. what the world second best gol golfer has to say about president obama golf game. president obama golf game. stay with us
9:37 pm
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>> microsoft annoyance it's getting rid of hot mail. first 43 e-mail service that was wins most popular e-mail address in the world. replacing hot mail as part of all out assault on google now very popular g mail. 7 news shows us what it is all about. >> go through every single word of the g mail to sell ads. >> google personal e-mail to sell ads. >>reporter: that's the pitch for microsoft brand new free e-mail service >> doesn't read the e-mail or attachment or any new information for serving advertiser. >>reporter: product manager says there's less advertising because use that is screen space to show friends recent tweet and facebook post
9:41 pm
alongside the e-mail. >> g mail done a different type of interest gracious grooing el plus works well with g mail. you love facebook link in and twitter let's make sure outlook works well with the social network you use. >>reporter: said it at added features asking for lick scheduling daily e-mails to threat themselves the next day. >> most like by far most used feature in e-mail. delete button. >>reporter: huge attachment lick photo album. >> people want to share photo they would send 6 e-mail with 4 attachment and all say something phone. so we just made it really easy to share a ton of photo. >>reporter: biggest in us about is what it is replacing. make soft announce it's shutting down hot mail. until very recently the most popular free web mail sichlts he has a branding problem with hot mail. >>reporter: venture hot mail just stopped being cool. >> kind of the e-mail address for like grandparents and
9:42 pm
spammer basically which is not the branding microsoft wanted. >>reporter: if you like the old address microsoft will let you keep it and the inbox google respond to the tv commercial saying no human reed the e-mail. may cepy but not a privacy issue. >> advertisers don't even know it's done. it's done automatically. >>reporter: 7 news. >> mustard updating the iconic ad hoping to make a comeback during the oscars of 16-year-old ad mock mustard stuffy image. new ad we are told will have an action mavie ending complete with bomb blast and fight scenes worthy of a bond movie. craft says the ad is relying on footage lost from the original shooting. you can watch that ad this sunday on abc 7. the only police to watch the award show. live coverage begins at 2 in the afternoon. you cap count down
9:43 pm
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forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ is. >> if you need help sticking to new year's resolution getting fit turn to technology. new device toss in the bag or strap
9:47 pm
to the arm to track your progress. which one is right 4. and do they really work. >> best director in the world. >> television producer jennifer rumble knows washington it is like to struggle with weight. for her it began at the age of 8. >> emotional stress ether and from 220 weight watchers losing 20 pound then gaining 40 i tried everything from the cab badge soup diet and pills nothing every really helped. >>reporter: until she made it to the show the biggest loser. rztultimately winning 100,000 dollar at home prize for losing 44 percent of the total body weight. >> let me tell you it's a daily struggle. >>reporter: technology helps her keep track of every choice counting the steps she takes and calorie she's burned. >> when you have tools like this to help you and kind of guide you let you know what you are doing it helps you and it keeps you going.
9:48 pm
>> we use boyd bug. >> 5500 steps today so far. >>reporter: there are dozens of fitness device and companion app on the market now. fit bug launched 8 years ago in the united kingdom uses accelerator to track forward movement. paul is the ceo. >> want the stuff to be fun. this isn't about how to turn gnaw a fitness fanatic. >>reporter: latest version has blue tooth technology capture the the movement in real tim and track it on the smart phone or tablet. we tried it out on the embarcadero. >> 120 step a minute. brisk. >> good brisk walk, yes. >> more ton shoes of keeping the pace up. >> yes. oneing at a pace that is getting a little bit out of breath. >> fit bug app also offers virtual challenge and competition. help motivate users lake this track across route 66. daily step register open the map showing progress. does it motivate to you walk faster. take more steps. park
9:49 pm
farther away in parking lot. >> it really does. whole midnight midnight thing for me as far as my day goes frichlt the heaviest of 365 pounds jen lost almost half of. that she acknowledges technology is just part of the program for her but she takes off her boyd bug in the shower or pool and admits it feeds into the obsession of meeting her daly goalism i have been phone to stai stand from front of the tv before mid nature and do lunginging and punch the air that is soil it doesn't burn a lot of calorie. heart rate up so i get my calorie burp for the day. >> paul says the numbers collected by the company over the past 8 years show sustained increases in activity for user users. that mirror recent stanford study on low tech and subject would wore one increase physical activity by nearly 30 percent. >> what we are seeing with the data take somebody is pulling a regular plan following the
9:50 pm
weekly target and quickly seeing i hope crease activity 16 to 18 percent. >>reporter: getting the body moving is what it is all about. >> if you do whether you know you need to do to lose the weight which move your body mr. and eat less it will come off. >>reporter: most of the product cost between 50 to 100 dollars. many include a 12 month subscription to the app. in the case of fit bug the app is 3.99 a month. after that. jen can not immanuel giving hers up, a personal trainer is also key to her success. >> tiger woods is praising the president golf game. 2 played 27 hole sunday in palm city, florida. tiger says invitation you can not turn down. especially since the president is an avid golfer. >> hit the ball well and got amazing touch. he can certainly putt. >> if he ever spent after these 4 years spend more time playing the game of golf, i'm sure he
9:51 pm
can get to where he's pretty good stick. >>reporter: tiger wouldn't say who was better between the 2. he responded to the question by saying we won. >> escape artist drawing all sorts of attention these days on you tube. not talking about a magician here but a horse. now nicknamed houdini. 9-year-old somehow learned how to open a latch at misty meadow farm near midland michigan and the farm owner posted it opening numerous lock even unlocking stall for other hors horses. the hrs just wants to get to the grass outside. >> let's get one last check of our weather now. spencer has that for us. >> maybe he can be my wake up call tomorrow. look at live doppler 7 hd we wake up to cold air tomorrow morning. precipitation is just about ended. skies clearing. cold air filtering in and we move counsel toward monterey and one little area precipitation left and that's about it. for our
9:52 pm
viewing area. drying out and state wide tomorrow in fact it's mainly clear and dry although some lingering precipitation in southernmost part of the state and new wave gng in the northern part of the state and bay area tomorrow we have partly cloudy to mainly sunny skies. it will be very mailed day but milder than today was. with high pressure in the upper 50's to low 60's in places like napa. santa rosa. fairfield. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have 2 painly sunny days coming our way wednesday thursday. few more cloud on friday. slight chance of showers on saturday but that will not be a major rain event then sunny mild on sunday. that pattern continues into early next week. >> all right sounds nice. thank you spencer. >> looking good. >> a little bit of rain and nice warm one. >> larry is here now with look ahead to sports. warriors back in action. >> yes. yes. part of the game. here they have plenty of time to rest up during the all star break. could they get back open track and end 5 game skid. always tough to comeñi
9:53 pm
away with a victory in utah. seventh brought the a game. i don't know about every mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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>> santa clara. san francisco. east bay. all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> come up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. bay area mom who was jailed for having sex with teenagers. she is back in trouble again tonight. new twist in abc 7 news i team investigation. >> new car shopping rules what some dealers are requiring before you even take a test drive. joy us for the stories and more coming up 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. right now larry is here with sports. >> 7. warriors back from the all star break. lacking like they did before the all star break. that is. >> not playing any defense at all tonight at utah with predictable results. another loss losing streak continues. cheer leaders. setting up the pyramid trouble. out of sync lack out. warriors dominateded
9:57 pm
inside by the jazz man big man. thank you very much. nice drive with the fade awhich. 19 points 9 assist for jack down at the half. he had 29. 3 ball cut the jazz lead to 66-65 close as the warriors would get. look at the move show and go. with authority. jevr so that led the jazz with 24 point. impressive. then the were yours went stone cold in the fourth. 6 of 20 shooting. drop the 6 straight 115-101 and we try to get back on track tomorrow in phoenix. jackson looking for answers. warriors still fought won a game since the 49ers lost in the superbowl. like ways the sharks winless since super sunday financially breaking through ending 7 game skid in st. louis. sharks soccer before the game. get lasts. relaxed do this all the time.
9:58 pm
first period blue on the attack. patrick on the door step. beats 9th of the year 1ing in blue. answer in the second. thornton right place writ time. redirect with the skate to the stick and in. fourth of the year and tied at one. shark in the third. kennedy slap it. beatsal help. between the leg. kennedy sec of the season. and sharks finally and 7 game skid 2-1 is the final. cal basketball coach montgomery has had slee sleepless nights after replay after replay of the shove on guard allen crab. montgomery called crab father to apologies and admits he was out of line. camera captured mont goum good ri shoving crab during the whip over usc if berkeley. apologized again today while crab said you know he doesn't just think this thing is such a big deal. >> no place of about in sports
9:59 pm
that you can basically put your hands on one of the student athletes. my fault. so i have to live with the consequences. >> wrong way to fire up a player but i didn't take anything negative out of the situation. just felt like he was doing it to help me pick up my play. >>reporter: so we mav on. a's 4 starting outfielder on the rosters. one guy is chris young. spent the past 6 years with the diamond back. make sat down with how tough to be traded. >> new experience for me being in arizona for over 6 years. it was fun and now i'm for a change and i'm excited about the opportunity. >> kind of a tough adjustment. to fit in. >> even more so i think when switching league at the same time. >> new kid in school that's what i felt like. >> what's your

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